Bulk Contact Data Enrichment

How to bulk enrich contacts in Crelate

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Crelate's Contact Data Enrichment tool is a powerful sourcing feature enabling customers to enrich profiles to collect additional contact details such as phone number, email address, employer, and more. With just a few clicks using both the Chrome Extension and directly within a contact's profile in your database, you'll be able to unlock rich details for over 3 billion unique individuals you're looking to engage. This feature is available as an add-on for all Business and higher subscribers (Review Plans & Pricing).

This guide will cover:

Getting Started

The tool enables customers to bulk enrich contacts up to 50 at once to allow businesses to source at scale. To begin, navigate to Contacts and select a group of contacts you'd like to enrich. Once selected, use the Selected Contacts drop-down and select Enrich Contacts and then approve the Terms of Service.

Bulk Enrichment Steps

This next view will display a review of all contacts, including newly mapped fields.

In this view, you will have the option to Save All, Skip, and Save & Next:

  • Save All: all new data found for all records will be saved and contacts will be updated.

  • Skip: no found data will be added and saved to the contact. No changes will be made to the contact record.

  • Save & Next: all data for the contact that is mapped (on the left) will be updated on the contact record and you will move down to the next record.

**After Skipping or selecting Save & Next, you will not be able to go back and edit your results for that contact**

Duplicate Data Fields

If we find a data field that you already have added to the contact (e.g. work email), you will have the option to overwrite or add the data to another field.

No Matches Found

In some instances, there may not be enough data to enrich the contact. These contacts will show as below:

**When we are unable to find a match, no credits will be consumed**

Once finished, you will see a summary of your Bulk Enrichment.

What's Next?

Looking for more on Contact Data Enrichment? Learn the basics of enriching contact records within your database!

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