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How to use the Chrome Extension to parse contact profiles

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The Crelate Chrome Extension is a plug-in that can be added to your Google Chrome browser to allow you to import and update contacts directly from popular social media sites. This allows you to do:

  • When viewing a web page, have our page parser automatically find contact information to allow you to create a new record

  • When viewing a page that can be identified as an existing contact in the system, update the contact with the information available on the page

What this article will cover:

  • Browser requirements and installing the Chrome Extension and Logging In

  • Creating a new contact using the extension

  • Updating a contact using the extension

What you will Need

The Crelate Chrome Extension has the following requirements:

Installing the Crelate Chrome Extension

  1. Navigate to this link

  2. Click on the + Add to Chrome button to install

  3. When the Confirmation dialog appears, click Add Extension to continue

Logging In

Once you have the extension installed, you can select the icon in the toolbar to log in. These are the same credentials that you use to log into Crelate.

Create a New Contact

When viewing a web page, you may select the extension look through the page for contact information. Selecting the extension (see below) will prompt the ability to parse the contact record.

Pro Tip: If you'd like to have possible contact parsed, you'll want to select 'Contact info' on the contact's profile. Crelate can only parse what is visible on the page. Therefore, displaying that dialogue will allow you to parse additional contact information.

After selecting the extension, you'll be able to preview the information that was parsed prior to importing that into your database.

The information shown here is what the extension was able to parse, but all the fields are editable if there are changes to be made or additional information to be added.

The extension will also try and find a suitable profile picture to attach to the contact. If the first image is not the correct picture, select the arrows below the picture to cycle through the available matches. If you wish to not import the profile picture, hover over the picture and hit the red X button. The picture will grey out and will not be imported.

Scrolling down in the extension will allow you to Generate a PDF. This will attach a searchable document on file with the contact's PDF (see below on how to automate this process each time). You may also add a contact directly to an existing list or job opportunity. Simply begin typing to receive a picklist of existing positions and lists. Lastly, you may add a tag to a contact record. As an account administrator, you may also create a new tag directly from this menu.

When you're ready, click the green Import button on the top toolbar to import the contact into Crelate.

Pro Tip: Control default settings by selecting the 4 line menu next to Import. This will allow you to automatically parse an image, disable ownership and auto generate a PDF each time you import a record.

Finding an Existing Contact

If you visit a web page that contains contact information that the extension can match with a contact in Crelate, you will be presented with a banner at the top that notifies you that the contact is already in Crelate. The extension icon will also turn Green when a duplicate is registered. NOTE: The system will use the Duplicate Detection settings you have defined in Crelate to try and find existing contacts. If you have no Duplicate Detection settings defined, the system will try and match on First Name AND Last Name AND Email Address. If that fails, it will then try and use the website's URL to find the contact in your system

You then have two choices:

  • Update: You can update the contact in Crelate with the information found on the page. This is useful if the contact has new contact information for example

  • Import New: This will create a new Contact using the information present in the form. NOTE: You will only have this option if "Allow duplicate records to be saved anyway" enabled in your system or you have no duplicate detection settings defined for Contacts

If your duplicate detection settings do not allow for duplicates to be saved, then you will be presented with this banner instead:

Your only option is to update the contact that the extension has matched

There is also a visual indicator when viewing the profile of a contact whose record status or company record status is marked as Do Not Use. This applies to both newly added contacts and those that already exist in Crelate.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

There is also a visual indicator for updated fields when parse is selected. These fields will be displayed in a navy color with the respective icon. The fields that do not have this icon are already on the existing contact in the database.

A screenshot of a contact form

Description automatically generated


If your Chrome Extension is spinning, you may need to enable third-party cookies.

To enable third-party cookies in your Google Chrome Browser follow these steps:

1. Click the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar.

2. Select Settings.

3. Click Advanced at the bottom.

4. In the "Privacy and security" section, click the Content settings button (this should be the 2nd to last option)

5. In the "Cookies" section, make sure that "Block third-party cookies" is disabled. Also, ensure that "Allow sites to save and read cookie data" is enabled

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