Crelate allows for the ability to set up a default Time & Expense Type. Still looking for more on Time & Expense Types? Check out our Help Guide & Video. The intent of setting a Default type is automatically add a Time and Expense Type to each Temp job you create thus removing the necessity to add individually for each job. Without a Time or Expense Type set, employees cannot add time on an assignment thus they are vital to add to jobs that require logged time.

To begin, navigate to Core Records | Jobs & Opportunities to select the opportunity you'd like to set a Time & Expense Type for. **Please Note** only opportunities set up as Temp/Temp to Hire can have a Default Template.

Keep in mind, a the default can always be changed. Should an opportunity require a completely separate Time or Expense, you'll have the ability to Disable the default and a Delivery Type from an already created Time or Expense Type.

What's Next?

With your Charge Code Template created, it's now time to place a contact on assignment and add a Time keeper employee. Also, check out our full Master Guide that services as a one-stop-shop for all things Crelate Deliver!

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