What are Billable Items?

How to use and export them to support Invoicing

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Billable items are the individual items that are claimed on invoice for a customer. All items that are invoiced through Crelate must be a billable item. These items live in a billable items grid and can come from two places: They can be manually created or flow automatically from finalized Time & Expense entries.

Your primary use of the Billable Items grid will be to claim those billables on an invoice. As mentioned above, Finalized Time & Expense entries will automatically be created as Billable items. Crelate also allows the ability to create manual billables. Why? The why here is for any item that may need to be claimed on an invoice but isn't necessarily tied to Time & Expense such as a background check. To create manual billable items, you will first need a Billable Charge Code.

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Creating a Billable Item

Once your Billable Charge Code is created, select New.

From here, enter the required fields. The Name field will provide the display name for this billable on an invoice. You'll find your created Billable Charge code within the Charge Code field picklist.

Using your Billables to Create an Invoice

From here, whether or not you have created any additional billables or not, it's time to claim your billables on an invoice.

Your Unclaimed Billables will represent all billable items that have not yet been claimed on an invoice. Ideally, this queue should remain small and up to date with items only remaining here when you're awaiting your next invoice period.

You can easily use the quick filters to select Unclaimed Items (number 1 below) and then Create Invoices.

After selecting Create Invoices, you'll have the ability to select which items you'd like to include. In the screen shot above, you'll notice items highlighted in green. You may select Billables to then have only those Billables included in the invoice or simply use the filters to make your selection. You may generate invoices by: Client, Employee & specific Job Order. From here, narrow down by a unique record type or simply select a date range to more broadly capture all billables across the given time period. Once you select Create Invoices, a draft invoice is created and all Billables will automatically move from Unclaimed to Claimed.

What's Next?

With your billables claimed on an invoice, it's officially time to send! Get ready to review and send a draft invoice. Also, check out our full Master Guide that services as a one-stop-shop for all things Crelate Deliver!

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