Activities and Workflows

What's the difference? When should each be used?

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Activities & Workflows - Workflows & Activities. When, how, where, why? We have often heard customers ask the difference between both and where the best use case is for each. Both are similar in setup and can often collide as you manage candidates throughout your hiring process.

Quick Explanations:

  • Workflow: The high level 'snap shot' as you review your pipeline. Let me see all candidates being considered for this job from my brand new candidates to those I've passed on. The workflow is very fluid with changes on a daily basis as you speak and engage with candidates for a given job.

  • Activities: Your activities will serve two primary purposes. First, they will act as your notes regarding a given event (Interview, Phone Call, etc). You likely want a reference to look back on for these items. Second, activities will be the main drivers for what you report on. When creating activities, you should be thinking directly about what you want to measure.

But can't I report on my workflow stages too? Sure you can! However, the workflow is intended for a synopsis of what is happening NOW. Because the workflow changes so frequently, it's a great way to capture a holistic view of the current minute but does not offer a contextual reference to see what happened weeks, months or quarters ago.

Activities will provide a time, date, and ownership stamp. That way, when looking back to review who on your team, during a particular month had the most interviews, you can run an Activity Report to target some of your key KPI's.

The great part is, you may easily have your workflows and activities work together. Crelate provides the ability to automate when some activities occur.

Within each workflow stage, you'll have the ability to Configure Rules.

As an important step in the process, we've created a quick two-minute video explanation of the process of linking activities to your workflow.

What's Next?

Now that you've mastered the difference between Activities and Workflows, let's take a peak at some best practices to get you set up!

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