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Best Practices: Creating Activities
Best Practices: Creating Activities

What are some recommendations and examples we see from our customer base?

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As we discussed previously in our What is an Activity? help article (please consider reading if you haven't up to this point!) activities serve two primary purposes:

  1. To add context to allow you to refer back to (ie. your general note taking when logging a call, phone screen, interview, etc)

  2. To allow you effectively run reports. With activities logged, I can tell how many interviews did colleague X complete, when did we conduct the most interviews and what is our ratio of interviews to hires.

We took a poll of our customer base to find commonly used activities. From there, we grouped them into separate categories. The below should serve as a guide to help spark some creativity and get you set on the path that many successful customers have been on before!

1. Candidate Activities

  • Candidate Vetting

  • Candidate In Process

  • Candidate Results

2. Client Activities

  • Sales Vetting

  • Sales Results

Candidate Vetting:

Candidate In Process:

Candidate Results:

Sales Vetting

Sales Results

What's Next?

You're prepped, set and ready to begin creating activities, let's go!

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