Enabling your Indeed Sponsored Posting is easy and can be connect directly via your settings by an account administrator. This article will cover the following:

  • Connecting your Indeed Account

  • Sponsoring a job to a new Indeed campaign

  • Sponsoring a job to an existing Indeed campaign

Connecting your Indeed Account

To sponsor a post with Indeed, you first want to include your Indeed account information into Crelate. To do so, you may navigate to Settings | Integrations.

This will prompt you to enter in the email address associated with your Indeed account.

Sponsoring to a New Campaign

If you'd like your job to be part of a new campaign within Indeed, you may then select to Sponsor this job to Indeed. If you'd like to include your job in an existing Indeed campaign, scroll down to the below section for more!

To sponsor to a new campaign, navigate to a specific opportunity that you'd like to publish. After the job has been published, view near the top of the Publish section, you'll notice a Post now button.

Once you click that button and select Indeed, you may then select from 4 Sponsorship Types with Indeed. For more on Indeed's sponsorship options, you may navigate to this link: Indeed Sponsored Jobs

Adding to an Existing Campaign

To add to an existing campaign, simply post the job WITHOUT sponsoring. Once the job is posted to your Indeed account (please note this may take up to 24 hours) you may set your custom budget within your account. This is something that will occur exclusively through your Indeed account (see below). This will allow you to then opt jobs "Out of Campaign" into your existing Indeed campaign.

**Please Note** Crelate does NOT bill for Indeed related postings, this is handled entirely with your Indeed account representative. By connecting your Indeed account to Crelate and setting a budget, this will in turn prompt your Indeed representative to connect with you. All billing and transactions will be handled on Indeed's end after the feed has been sent to Indeed. Crelate will send an updated job's feed to Indeed every 4 hours.

What's Next?

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