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To sponsor a job to Indeed, you will first need to ensure your job boards are enabled and Indeed has been enabled to post to.

If you are using the V1 Portal, you can enable your job postings and Indeed by navigating to Settings | Basic Setup:

If you are using the V2 Portal, you can enable your job postings and Indeed by navigating to Settings | Integrations:

Now that the job boards and Indeed are enabled, the next step is to Publish the job. When the job is published, the job will be added to our Indeed feed that we send for Indeed to Publish the job to your existing Indeed account.

**When you first start posting to Indeed, you will also want to inform your Indeed Representative that you have opted into Crelate's job publishing feed so that they are on the lookout for it to ensure they have everything set up to accomplish this on their end.**

Once the job is posted to your Indeed account (please note this may take up to 24 hours) you may set your custom budget within Indeed. This will allow you to then opt jobs "Out of Campaign" into your existing Indeed campaign.

**Please Note** Crelate does NOT bill for Indeed related postings, this is handled entirely with your Indeed account representative. By connecting your Indeed account to Crelate and setting a budget, this will in turn prompt your Indeed representative to connect with you. All billing and transactions will be handled on Indeed's end after the feed has been sent to Indeed. Crelate will send an updated job's feed to Indeed every 4 hours.

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