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At Crelate, we want to ensure all team members are setup for success. As a result, we have created a one-stop-shop guide with all of the basics to ensure new team members can quickly accelerate their usage of Crelate. We absolutely recommend all users take advantage of our two most recommended options; our Daily Live Monitored Training Sessions and our Crelate Academy Courses. Our Training Sessions that we host every single day offer both a broad overview and targeted content on high value features such as reporting, search, email and more. Make sure you're getting the most our of Crelate by following the below steps.


Full quick start Crelate basic training

See below for an overview of the content covered on the webinar:

Creating new contacts, companies, and jobs

Managing your settings and preferences

Navigating Crelate

What's Next?

Take advantage of our daily webinars to become a master of all things Crelate!

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