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Activities are how you record information and interactions about your contacts. Activities can be logged both from a Core Record as well as from a job dashboard. The intent is to allow you to leave detailed notes regarding specific activity types.

Logging on a Record

Navigating to any core record, you'll have the ability to log a new activity using the new activity bar below the record details.

The Basics

To record notes and activities on a record, you can open your contact from the main contact grid to view the record. On the form, there is an "Activity Bar" that lets you choose which activity you want to record, and record your note. To do this:

  • Regarding: The Regarding is referencing the Job that this activity is about. The regarding is automatically set to be about the "most recent" job that this candidate had an activity on (added to job, note, etc)

  • When: You can chose the Date and Time. This will default to the current date and time

  • Attendees/Who: You can create an activity or assign to someone else. This will default to the current user

  • Add notes or details: Ability to type free form notes about your activity.

Once an activity is completed, that will display below in the record's activity feed. This will display chronologically and contain a time, date, and ownership stamp.

The Job Dashboard

You can also record activities from the Job Dashboard.

To record notes and activities on a contact on the dashboard, single click a contact record. That record's tile color will then display in green along with their contact details and activity feed to the right of your screen. Follow the same instructions above to create an activity.

What's Next?

As an account administrator, you may create new activities for yourself and your team to use. Also, learn how to create activities and bulk and allow pre-populated form questions on your activities.


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