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Using Crelate's RingCentral Text Message Integration
Using Crelate's RingCentral Text Message Integration
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Crelate's RingCentral Connector integration will allow you to send text messages to your Crelate contacts directly in your database. These messages will track directly on each individual contact profile. Additionally, any message send from your RingCentral number outside of Crelate that is sent to a contact that exists in your database will track on their profile. If you have not yet purchased our RingCentral Connector, please review our Help Guide to demonstrate how to purchase to get started.

To begin sending text messages, navigate to the paper airplane icon (see below) located on a contact record.

**Please Note** The number type must be selected as Mobile in order to send an text message.

The experience will vary dependent on your personal RingCentral settings. In your Personal Profile & Preference area, you may set your preference for Send Text Message Via. You'll have two options, one for Text Message Center and the other for RingCentral Widget. These will be outlined below. Of note, it is often recommend to leverage Crelate's Text Message Center. In general, we find it provides a feature rich experience that allows for the easy use of Text Message Templates.

1. Text Message Center
Selecting the paper airplane icon with the widget disabled will prompt a slider from the right hand side of your screen. This will allow you to generate and send SMS messages from that window.

As contacts respond to your SMS message, their initials will display on the top of your screen indicated with a red icon totaling the amount of missed texts.

That icon will move to grey once you view those messages. After your response, the count will be completely removed until that contact replies. You may also use the search bar indicated in the screen shot below to query for additional contacts you'd like to text. Selecting their name will load in their profile in your SMS panel to begin drafting new messages.

2. RingCentral Widget
With your widget enabled, you may select the paper airplane icon and then select the widget below.

Next, you'll be able to type your message and send. You may navigate to the mail icon above to scroll through and view all voice and SMS messages

**Please Note** Selecting the text message icon does NOT automatically pop up the RingCentral Widget. You will need to double click the widget which will then display the number pre-populated to then send your text message.

What's Next?

Now that you've begin sending text messages see how to create templates and send messages in bulk! Or, if you haven't yet signed up, see how to enable this for you subscription!

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