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This article will detail creating text message templates. Templates for text messaging are available on our L2 plan or higher. More on text message subscriptions at the bottom of this article!

Using a text message template will allow you to pull in mail merge fields to capture things such as {Candidate's First Name} automatically into the text you are sending. These templates can be used both in an individual message as well as in bulk.

To start, navigate to your navigation menu and select Your Profile & Preferences

Afterwards, you'll want to navigate to the My Templates section.

After selecting the plus sign you'll be prompted to name your template. Please note that this is required in order to save your template. Next you may choose whether or not you wish to keep this template internal OR share that with your organization. Finally, you may also select the "Insert Data" option to pull in mail merge fields into your template.

Below is a template example including a mail merge field (highlighted in yellow). Once completed, please save below.

To access and send that template, you may select the paper scroll icon within the text message panel. This will prompt a pop up window that will display the available templates.

What's Next?

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