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Everything you need to know about how to Create a payroll run and approve it for processing!

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**Integrated Payroll is in a private beta at this time. Only users in the beta will have access**

Once time cards are approved and finalized, they turn into payable items (accessible in your "Payable Items" grid)

Where to Run Payroll

You can run payroll in two places within Crelate: From the Payable Items Grid, and from the Payroll Runs grid. Where you decide to run your payroll from is just personal preference.


How to Run Payroll

You have two options when running payroll. You can run for a specific week, or you can do a one off payroll run if needed. One off payroll runs should be reserved for forgotten items, bonuses, commission checks etc. There are no additional fees for one-off payroll runs, but you don't want to use these in place of your normal weekly payroll runs.

How to Approve a Payroll Run

After creating a payroll run it will be saved as a draft for your review. Payroll run drafts require an approval before sending to Check for processing. This can be accomplished by opening a draft payroll run from Payroll Runs grid. Approving your payroll run will send to check for processing. Once payment occurs, it will move into a completed status.

When a payroll run is in draft status, there are certain actions that you can take:

1) You can edit existing earnings and deductions as needed

2) You can add/remove certain withholdings and earnings from an employee's paystub

3) You can delete a payroll run and start over if you missed employees or payable items

Editing earnings and deductions as well and adding or removing withholdings or earnings for an employee happens directly in the paystubs grid.

**You cannot add additional employees and their payable items in a payroll draft. You will need to delete the payroll run and start over. When you delete a draft payroll run, any changes you made to paystubs will save and revert to unclaimed status so you can pull them into the new payroll run. **

What's Next?

Check our out Payroll Master guide for a comprehensive list of all resources for this feature!

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