Finalizing Time Cards

Finalize Time to Create Billable and Payable Items

Written by Sarah Koss
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Finalizing is the last step in the timekeeping process within Crelate where you are approving the Time and expenses for payroll and invoicing. Done only by the internal time keeper, this is the part of the process that creates billable and payable items.

  • Billable Item- An item that you bill the customer during Invoicing

  • Payable Item- An item that is paid to an employee in Payroll

You can finalize items individually, or in bulk.

To Finalize items individually, open a time card or expense and select the finalize button. The time or expense entry must be in 'Submitted' status in order to finalize.

To Finalize items in bulk, select the submitted quick filter tile to filter your time or expense entries in the grid. Simply drag to select multiple time or expense items and press finalize in the menu bar. It will give you a verification popup to ensure you want to finalize the items you have chosen. It may take a couple seconds for your items to finalize. Once finalized your pop up will indicate that the process has completed.

Every time you Finalize time cards or expenses, appropriate billable and payable items are created to be used in payroll and invoicing.

Note* Once the finalization process happens, you are unable to go back without the help of Crelate Support.

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