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Creating Your Employment Search (MPC) Workflow
Creating Your Employment Search (MPC) Workflow

Learn how to create and setup your MPC workflow

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Our Candidate-Centric Workflow feature allows you to configure Crelate to support an additional workflow type. This workflow is focused on a particular candidate, and permits putting companies and hiring managers on the workflow (instead of candidates on a particular job). This is synonymous with "shopping the candidate around", and offers greater flexibility in how you use Crelate on a day-to-day basis. In addition, the workflow can also allow you to prospect and market to your broader business development pipeline. Track both clients and companies (or both!) through the pipeline and eventually transition these leads to opportunities within Crelate's CRM.

The steps below describe how to configure the Candidate-Centric workflow.

We have also created a full demo presentation for those looking for more than just setup.

Enabling Candidate-Centric Workflow

To configure your Crelate for Candidate-Centric workflow, navigate to Settings | Core Workflows | Jobs & Opportunities and toggle the option to Active, and click Save at the top.

Configuring Workflow Stages

You can configure unique stages for your new workflow. These stages can be different from the stages that you use for the Job Board workflow. To configure stages for the Employment Search workflow, navigate to Settings | Workflows | Employment Search.

The configuring of the stages is the same process for configuring stages for the Job Board workflow. You can review those steps here: How to: Customize the Search Board

Creating a New Employment Search

The process of using the Contact Centric workflow is a little different from the standard Job Search. Rather than create a new job to put candidates on, you will create a new "Employment Search" from the Candidate record.

To create a new Employment Search, open the candidate that you want to do an employment search for and select the This Contact menu. From there, you'll select Start New Employment Search.

When the New Employment Search dialog appears, name your search (example, July 2015) and Click OK.

You'll be taken to your new Employment Search board for your Candidate.

Adding Companies and Hiring Managers to an Employment Search

You can add Companies and Hiring Managers to your Search from the Search Screen or from the company or contact record. To add a search from a record, click on Add to and choose the search you want to add them to. For Hiring Managers, you may need to click Select Opportunity to find the Employment Search you are looking for.

Once they have been added, you will see them on the Employment Search screen.

Viewing your Employment Search

You can return to your Employment Search by viewing it on the Home page, along side your other Job Searches, or from the candidate themselves. To view from the Candidate record, you can double-click on the name of the Employment Search.

Pro Tip: If you'd like Employment Searches to display on your home page, you may create a filter to opt those in to any view. If you'd prefer, you may also save entirely as a new view to exclusively display those searches.

Searching on Employment Searches

Employment Searches can have Contact and Company records associated with the workflow. In Search, you can use a filter for both Contacts and Companies to see what records are on an Employment Search:

What's Next?

With employment searches mastered, check out how to create other custom opportunity types in Crelate!

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