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Manual Payroll- HR Center and Employee Setup
Manual Payroll- HR Center and Employee Setup

Configuring your HR Center and Employee Setup

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**Manual Payroll is in a private beta at this time. Only users in the beta will have access**

Getting Started:

Now that we have our global lists populated and our Paystub Form set, we can head over to the HR Center where we can begin configuring Employees. Within the HR center we can add new employees, view employee worksites and paystubs, and configure employee deductions. By default, all your Time Recorder users will be in the grid and ready to be configured.

Adding Employees to the HR Center

To add an Employee to the HR Center, select the Add option above the grid. This process is the exact same as if you were to place an Employee on assignment for the first time and needed to set them up for Timekeeping.

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Configuring Deductions on Employees

Now that we have Employees added to our HR Center, we need to configure the deductions that should be added to Paystubs for that individual by default during Payroll generation. Benefits and Post-Tax Deductions can be added by selecting the plus icon on the respective grid and filling out the required fields. Note that when selecting the Benefit and/or Post-Tax Deduction, the defaults specified in Settings will auto-fill. These can be edited per individual if you would like to override the defaults.

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What's Next?

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