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Our next major release of 2023 emphasizes key features from highly requested customer feedback and is aligned with our current Product Roadmap. We are releasing these features for the continued enhancement of your experience with Crelate:

  • API 3.0

  • Search Filter for "On Employment Search"

  • Relationships & Splits

  • Chrome Extension Updates

  • Crelate Deliver: Internal/Project Timekeeping

This is all of course in addition to the continuation of our You Asked, We Delivered series, which has seen us release over two dozen features requested directly by you this year. We look forward to optimizing your Crelate experience allowing you to move faster and make even more placements.


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new API. Going forward, all development should target this new API. Detailed documentation can be found [HERE], along with a migration guide on how to transition to the new API.

The new API has been built from the ground up to take advantage of a new technology stack, improving usability, performance, and Crelate’s ability to add new functionality more quickly based on customer feedback. In fact, we have already added a few highly requested features to the baseline of the new API.

Feature highlights include –

  • Unified structure for all API responses to make consuming results simpler

  • Better error information to help diagnose issues with requests

  • Metadata endpoints for major entities to illustrate what can be done

  • Unified paging pattern for GET requests to make getting larger data sets easier

  • Updating records now uses PATCH to simplify field changes

  • Expanded filtering on GET requests for major entities to include searching on common fields like Modified On, Tags, Names, Parent Records, Status, and more

  • Introduction of more top-level endpoints including Artifacts, Activities, Forms, and Users

  • More robust Artifact and Activity support, including custom activities

  • New support for Deliver-based entities such as Invoices and Billable Items

Expect to hear even more about further API updates in the months to come as we continue to add new functionality, expand existing features, and make it even easier for partners to consume and integrate.

Search Filter for “On Employment Search” NEW:

We have added a new filter in the Search area that is available when searching through companies for “On Employment Search”. This new filter includes two additional fields for more precise filtering:

Job: Enables you to select one or more Employment Search opportunity

Stage: Enables you to select one or more Employment Search workflow stages

Relationships and Splits NEW:

Tracking who has contributed to a placement has just gotten a lot easier. We’re excited to release our Relationships feature to all users with a Business or higher subscription level.

Relationships allow users to relate their Opportunity and Placement records to other core records in Crelate, including Users. By doing so, users can add x many Recruiters, Secondary Recruiters, etc. to an Opportunity, and have those Relationships passed down to the Placements made for that Opportunity.

In addition to Relationships, we've also introduced our first version of Splits tracking in Crelate. The Splits feature is built on top of the Relationships feature and allows users to specify a percentage of the Placement value that should be given to each Related Record.

Commission calculation just got easier, using Splits and Relationships to capture who did what on each placement, then exporting to Excel to apply your own custom calculations.

As an Administrator, you’re in control and can determine who can see and override these values. These percentages are used in conjunction with the Value of the Placement to calculate the amount that each Related Record should receive. A default percentage per Relationship Type can be specified, however, these can be overridden when creating the actual Relationships. This information can then be exported out of Crelate via the Placements grid.

Enabling Splits:

Relationships with Splits on a Placement Record:

Exporting Relationships and Splits data via Placements Grid:

Chrome Extension Updates IMPROVED:

The Chrome Extension icon now displays a visual indicator when viewing the profile of a contact whose record status or company record status is marked as "Do Not Use."

This applies to both newly added contacts and those that already exist in Crelate. We have also updated the wording when viewing the profile of a contact whose record or company record is associated with a "Do Not Use" record status.

Please note: the displayed record status name corresponds to the "Do Not Use" meaning within the Record Status field.

Internal/Project Timekeeping NEW:

We are excited to introduce a significant enhancement to the Crelate Deliver module, simplifying the process of tracking and submitting time for opportunities and projects. This update eliminates the previous prerequisite of having a Placement record associated with an Opportunity in order to log time. will allow users to log and submit time directly towards opportunities/projects. This removes the current requirement of having a Placement record on the Opportunity in order to log time. To log internal/project time, Users must first be added to the Internal Timekeeping Users grid on the Settings |Global Settings page, where the Bill and Pay Rates for the User are set. These Users will then be given access to the Employee Center where they can select an Opportunity instead of an Assignment when adding a Time Card.

Internal Timekeeping Users Grid:

Logging Internal Time:

You Asked, We Delivered:

The Faster Way to Open Records NEW:

Enjoy a more efficient workflow by right-clicking on Contacts, Companies, or Jobs in various grids throughout the system, and opening them up in a new tab, never having to navigate away.

A screenshot of a computer

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Title & Names in Browser Tabs NEW:

As you explore major areas of the application, views, and certain records, you’ll notice a dynamic change in your browser tab title, which accurately reflects the contents of the page you’re on. This enhancement will make it easier to stay organized and determine which tab has which candidate!

Bulk Edit Updates:

We have enhanced our bulk editing feature to now allow you to edit custom fields on all core records. Additionally, users can now bulk edit the Label field that is available on the Job Dashboard.

Reporting Updates:

We’ve improved and expanded access to a convenient filter that allows users to look ahead at “Next” activities in reporting.

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NEW - Easier to Add Data Tables:

Add data tables directly to your reports from the “Add” wizard.

NEWFaster way to add Company charts and tables:

We’ve included new default report templates for Companies including:

  • Companies Added by User

  • Companies Added over Time

  • Companies Added by User over Time

  • More fields available (Created On date as a field on Activity reports)

NEWSettings Search Updates:

Settings search area now finds settings faster with more contextual search by indexing off of the Title of the section, not just keywords.

NEW – Integration with Appcast

Appcast is a leader in recruitment marketing and our integration allows Appcast to pull relevant data from Crelate to help inform workflows within the Appcast platform.

Are You Ready For It?

We are excited to announce FIVE NEW highly sought-after integrations to solve a multitude of business needs. Starting in October, we will be opening up applications for customers to join our Early Adopter Programs (EAP) for the following new features:

  • Power BI Advanced Reporting

  • Hubspot – Sales CRM

  • Sense – Sequencing and Workflow Automations

  • Embedded Payroll

What's Next?

Check out the release webinar to learn even more about our upcoming feature release.

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