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Welcome to the ultimate guide focused on maximizing your efficiency and success with Crelate's powerful suite of value add features. In today's fast-paced business landscape, it's essential to harness every advantage available to you. Here are some incredible value adds that will transform the way you connect, communicate, and close deals.

Contact Data Enrichment

Save time and resources and enhance your data all natively within Crelate. Keep your contact data hygienic with the best up-to-date information available with over 3 billion profiles at your fingertips. Ready to level up your Contact Data Enrichment (CDE) toolkit?


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For more details on plan information & pricing, please navigate to Settings | Manage Licenses | Contact Enrichment Plans.

Email Campaigns

Crelate's Email Campaign feature increases your email output, displays campaign metrics, gives dashboard filtering abilities, and your last campaign status search capabilities! Check out the quick video sample below.


When it’s time to send that offer letter, client contract, or employee handbook, you’re minutes away from being able to execute right in your Crelate.

Whether you’ve been using a one-off vendor for years or you’re still manually emailing signed documents, integrated eSignature is a massive time and headache-saving tool for recruiting teams. Crelate's eSignature feature will enable your team to:

  • Build and leverage ready-to-use templates to streamline your process

  • Take the office on the road with a completely mobile-friendly toolset

  • Automatically upload executed candidate and client documents exactly where you need them in Crelate

  • Accelerate and track the status of every open contract throughout the signing process

Text Messaging in Crelate

Crelate offers two ways to integrate text messages to your account. See below for more information on Crelate Native Text Messaging and RingCentral Text Messaging to choose which works best for you.

💡ProTip: Recent studies show people respond to text messages on average 60 times faster than email and 5 times more likely to read a text when compared to an email.

Texting - Native to Crelate

Crelate's native text messaging option provides you with a text messaging center where you can start and maintain text messaging conversations, bulk text message, and take advantage of text messaging templates to streamline communication with your contacts!

  • Non-RingCentral users

  • Choose a preferred area code to generate your unique phone number

Texting - Ring Central Connector

In addition to Crelate's Native Texting option, we do offer RingCentral account holders to purchase a connector license to bridge your RingCentral texting right into your Crelate.

  • Specifically for current RingCentral users

  • Unlimited message capture

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Ugh...the dread of invoicing. We get it! Between creating, saving as a PDF, and attaching it to an email, it's time-consuming. To top it off, you inevitably have to go back to repeat the process with small adjustments. And that's just one invoice. With Crelate's invoicing tool you simply:

  1. Create an invoice

  2. Make simple adjustments as needed

  3. Send it to your client all in one place and on one screen

**Invoicing is part of Crelate Omni, Deliver Module want to learn more? Check it out below!

Have a question about a specific value add or all of them, let us know! We are here to help get you the information your need to be the most efficient and successful using your Crelate.

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