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Signing Up for Native Text Messaging
Signing Up for Native Text Messaging
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In Crelate, you'll have the ability as an account administrator to purchase and utilize text messaging.**Please Note** This text messaging article is for those non RingCentral users who would like to use Crelate's native text message option. If you are a RingCentral customer, please navigate here.

1. To begin, you'll want to navigate to Settings | Manage Licenses. From there, you'll have the option to select which packaged you'd prefer.

2. Next, use the toggle arrows to select the number of licenses you'd like to add to your account.

3. You will then be redirected to a Text Message settings area where you may use the + sign to add a text message number.

**Please Note** This step is REQUIRED in order to send text message. You must assign a user to a number.

4. Next, choose your preferred area code and continue.

5. Please then review that number prior to confirming.

6. Now that the number has been added, you may then assign a user's name. You will also have the capability to set up Call Forwarding or set a Voice Message.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is enabled for our L2 and higher SMS customers and will give you the capability to route any calls to a number of your choice. If this is disabled, you may instead adjust a Voice Message below which will read an automated script that can be adjusted.

As a use case for Call Forwarding- I have been sending SMS messages with a candidate in my database and he/she as a result, gives me a call. Because this number is for SMS only, you may redirect those calls directly to a number of your choice.

1. To enable, navigate to Settings | Text Message and toggle the Call Forwarding option to ON.

2. You will then view the below prompt. (Please note: 500 minutes will be included for our L2 and higher customers). Next, add your number and save above.

3. To complete the process, simply add in the number of your choosing via the Forwarding Number section.

What's Next?

Text messaging set up? Now onto sending text messages and creating text message templates!

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