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The process of posting jobs on behalf of other companies to job boards

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There is now a process that allows you to post jobs to job boards on behalf of other companies or customers with whom you have an agreement. Once the vetting process is complete, there will be a new drop-down during publishing that will allow you to choose which company to post on behalf of.

Job Board Vetting is a crucial process designed to maintain the integrity of job board platforms while allowing customers to post jobs on behalf of multiple 'Brands' outside their main company or organization. In order to preserve the quality and authenticity of job postings.

Currently, when a user posts a job to the Crelate Job Portal and "free job boards," the Organization Name is displayed with the Employer Name in parentheses. However, certain scenarios require customers to post jobs with a different display name, specifically the name of the company connected to the opportunity. To achieve this, the company name must undergo a thorough vetting process, following the outlined program below.

Vetting Registration Options

Please note that each company/brand that you wish to use and have vetted will have a $125 flat rate vetting fee.

There are two registration types available for vetting:


  • Holding Companies: Customers seeking vetting for their own brand(s) can undergo this process.

  • Company Rename: Customers in need of renaming or rebranding their organization can also utilize this option.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing):

  • This registration type applies when a company's customer is hired by an external company exclusively for recruitment purposes. In this scenario, the external company posts jobs on behalf of the hiring company. To ensure the legitimacy of these postings, we require documentation confirming the customer's authorization to post on behalf of the hiring company before proceeding with the vetting process.

Vetting Process

To start the vetting process to add companies/brands to your account, please contact support for assistance.

Once support gathers all of the required information from you, the vetting completion timeframe is within 24-48 hours (approximately 2 days).

After the vetting process is complete, you will be able to post jobs on behalf of the approved companies/brands.

What's Next?

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