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What role does the Regarding field play in Sequencing?

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Question/Use Case:

When setting up Sequences, I'd like to ensure contacts receive specific details about a unique job. How can I add contacts to a Sequence to ensure that happens? And how should I, if at all, leverage the Regarding field on a Sequence?


For the best overview, take a look at our short video.

As a general best practice, to affiliate Sequences direct with a job, we recommend leveraging a Sequence Within a Workflow Stage. When this is done, any regarding field set on a Sequence, will be intentionally overwritten to instead regard the job that the candidate is in process for.

So this begs the question, do I need to use the Regarding field at all? In most instances, no. When Sequencing was built, it was designed so that Sequences could be shared amongst all team members and used across all (or nearly all jobs). So what might be a use case for the Regarding field?

  1. If I do not add contacts to a job but instead, add contacts to Sequences from Search or a Contact list. In this instance, while not officially putting these contacts in contention for a job, you may want to generate interest about an opportunity. You may then choose to create a Sequence with a broad outline an opportunity so that any mail merge fields will pertain to that position.

  2. For one off scenarios in which you're creating a very custom Sequence for one job and one job only.

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