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Submitting a Candidate via the Client Portal
Submitting a Candidate via the Client Portal
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When sending a Submittal Email within Crelate, you will now see the option to "Submit via the Client Portal".

This will allow you to Add the Candidates to the Client Portal while submitting. Also, this allows the creation of a Client Portal for this Job if one does not exist. Once you checkmark "Submit via the Client Portal" you will have the ability to add an "Executive Summary" to the Candidate in order to provide a brief summary for your Client. If one does not yet exist for the Candidate, simply double-click here to add one:

As previously mentioned, if a Client Portal does not exist yet for the Job/Opportunity you will have the option to create one when sending the submittal.

Any recipient of the Submittal Email will be able to be added as a User to this Client Portal.

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