You have Enabled your Client Portal and even begun to add a few jobs and candidates to experience the Client Portal Workflow. What's next you may ask? Well you might be wondering, if you haven't already looked, what the client portal will look like for your clients. This video will discuss the view of your shared candidates from your Client's perspectives. Your clients may review candidate information, executive summaries as well as rate and provide feedback on any candidate that you upload to the portal. As a Crelate customer, you may also preview this experience that your clients will see prior to officially sharing for client access.

To view a job on a client portal, please navigate to the job page and select the Client Portal icon followed by View this Opportunity on the Client Portal. From there, you'll be redirected to a preview of your client portal.


There are 8 main visible options when viewing the Client Portal home page. Those 8 will be listed below:


If new candidates have been added to the portal, client portal users will also notice the below notification.


Double clicking on a job from the home page will also allow the user to view that specific position and any candidates that may have been added.


Per your permission settings, the client may also provide a rating, disposition, as well as feedback on those candidates. For more information about how to assign these permissions, please see our link here: Behavior and Security Settings. Additionally, when a Client Portal User adds ratings, dispositions, or feedback, you may be directly notified via email. To enable this, please navigate here: Managing Client Portal Notifications to enable that.


Adding or updating feedback will allow them to continue to the next candidate by selecting the Go to the Next Candidate option.


The tab to the right of 'Give Feedback' will allow your clients access to specific Candidate Information of your choosing. For more information about how add or remove fields from the Candidate Information tab, please see our link here: Behavior and Security Settings.


Additionally, the History section will provide access to those activities you've made publicly available via your Client Portal. For more information about how to select which activities may display on your Client Portal, please see our link here: Setting Activities to Display on you Client Portal.


What's Next?

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