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How your Client Portal looks for your Clients and how you may customize the experience

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Crelate provides this Client Portal for you to navigate the Candidates and Jobs being presented to you, all in one easy to access space. Throughout this article, we will guide you through step-by-step directions on how to view and provide feedback on the Candidates.

To begin, you will receive an Email Invite with a Link to grant you access to the Client Portal. If you don't see this in your Inbox, check "Promotions" or "Spam".

Once you click on that link from the Email, you will be sent to the Client Portal Homepage. There are 9 main visible options when viewing the Client Portal home page. Those 9 will be listed below:

If new candidates have been added to the portal, client portal users will also notice the below notification.

Double-clicking on a job from the home page will also allow you to view that specific position and any candidates that may have been added. You will have the ability to see the activity and stage count specific to that job, and also have the ability to toggle between List and Board View based on your preference.

Per your permission settings, you may also provide a rating, disposition, as well as feedback on those candidates. Additionally, when you add ratings, dispositions, or feedback, the Crelate User will be notified by email.

Adding or updating feedback will allow them to continue to the next candidate by selecting the Go to the Next Candidate option.

The tab to the right of 'Give Feedback' will show specific Candidate information, this is subject to change based on the Crelate User's Settings.

Additionally, the History section can provide a 7-day Activity History, where you can see the Crelate User's progress and Notes on a particular Candidate.

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