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What is it? How do I find it?

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If you are trying to utilize our Import Data Plus feature in order to import and upload Company Records, you may be struggling with the unique identifier required- "External Primary Key". This guide will help you understand what that is, and how to find it within your database.

An External Primary Key is a randomly assigned string of numbers and letters that assigns when a record is created via spreadsheet import.

To find the External Primary Key for your Records, you will want to navigate to the Company Tab on the Left Nav > Click the cog-wheel > Click the three dots on any of the columns > Add External Primary Key > Save changes:

Only Records that were created in your Crelate Database via Spreadsheet Import will have External Primary Keys assigned to them. Now that you have this column showing on your view, you can Export:

Then you will be all set to add those External Primary Keys to your new spreadsheet and utilize our Import Data Plus feature and update those Company Records!

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