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What's New? December 2022 Release Notes

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With our December release, we bring updates based on your direct feedback and update a few newly release features. Select the links below to jump to a unique feature and leverage the show me buttons to automatically launch an in app tutorial (and in many cases, video) to guide you through the feature.


  • Subscription: Full access included in Business Plus and higher subscription tiers. Business subscriptions include a free trial.

Sequencing takes a user’s prospects (candidate or client) and lays out the user-specific tasks at the exact right moment to maximize engagement. By having the processes of your business outlined in a workflow, you can streamline work for your teams.

Your teams can set up workflows to help nurture prospects and clients through your process. This includes things like sending automated emails, or assign tasks to manually send texts, emails, make a phone call, or another task, all at specified time intervals.

An example would be that you have a group of candidates for a specific role. You need all of these candidates to complete a form prior to moving onto the next step of the process. You can set up a workflow to send an automated email with a link to the form for the candidates to complete. The next step of the workflow might be to have a task reminder to call them two days after the email is sent.

  • Ability to set if contacts can be on more than one Sequence at a time IMPROVED:

    • Administrators now have the ability to set if contacts are allowed to be on more than one sequence at a time. To do this, simply navigate to Settings | Sequencing Settings | Sequence Contact Settings.

  • Bypass the wait of a current step to start the next action early IMPROVED:

    • Users will have a new action to allow them to bypass the wait time of a step and start the next action immediately.


**Please Note** The 2nd tour will only be applicable for existing eSignature users

eSignature, Crelate’s electronic signature tool, allows users to upload documents directly into Crelate, add signatures and other form fields, and email an electronic signing request to contacts.

This feature saves your team time by eliminating the need for your contacts to come into the office to sign documents, or print, sign, scan, and email the document back. You can see within a contact record any outstanding eSignature requests and find completed eSignature requests in their documents, meaning your recruiter or sales executive can easily see who still needs to sign documents.

Allowing for flexibility within your processes, your team can select to create a new document or choose from an existing template. eSignature can be used for candidates (onboarding documents, for example), and clients (contracts, for example). To provide ultimate usability, eSignature can accommodate many form fill choices and options for signatures from multiple signees.

  • Ability to edit eSignature templates NEW:

    • Admin users can now edit existing Crelate eSignature templates. Previously, Users would need to delete and recreate the template if they wanted to make changes. All template fields except Description can now be edited. This was one of our top requested feedback items, with over 20 upvotes in Hellonext.

    • Please note: This is a Dropbox Sign embedded experience that Crelate has little control over. Because of this, the look and feel will differ from the create eSignature template dialog.

Form Requests

  • Subscription: Included in all Business and higher subscriptions

Form requests, or web-based questionnaires or document upload requests, can be used to gather information from a contact. With form requests, users can request the latest information from candidates such as contact information, resumes, and job history to ensure your database has the latest information on each contact you are targeting. This information is immediately transferred into their record unpon completion. For ease of use and to reduce the barrier to entry, recipients can complete Form Requests and login by using the sharable URL.

  • Notifications when form requests have been completed IMPROVED:

    • Users now have the option to receive notifications when a form request has been completed by a contact. This can be toggled On/Off in Manager your Profile and Preferences > Preferences > Notifications Preferences.

You asked, We Delivered:

  • Email Visibility PT 1:

    • Email address visibility in the “To” field IMPROVED:

      • When creating an email activity, users will now see the contact’s email address beside the name in the “To” field giving them quick visibility into the recipients address.

  • Email Visibility Pt 2:

    • Shared sending email indicator IMPROVED:

      • Users sending from a Shared email will see a red “Shared” indicator in the “From” section of the email.

  • Users Settings

    • User experience improvements to the Manage Users grid IMPROVED:

      • Two improvements have been made to the Manage Users grid on the Settings | Users page:

        • The grid is now 3 times taller by default (can still click and drag to expand it further)

        • Admin users can now filter on columns in the grid

What's Next?

Looking for even more on the release? Check out more detailed notes and setup guides below.

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