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October 2022 Product Release Notes
October 2022 Product Release Notes

Review in depth Product notes from our October release

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**Please Note** our October release is currently planned for an October 24th, 2022 deployment.

Our 3rd major release of 2022 emphasizes key features from highly requested customer feedback and aligned with our CEO, Aaron Elder’s earlier Roadmap and Funding Announcement along with our July Release. We are releasing these features for the continued enhancement of your experience with Crelate:

This is all of course in addition to the continuation of our You Asked, We Delivered series, which has seen us release over three dozen features requested directly by you this year. We look forward to optimizing your Crelate experience allowing you to move faster and make even more placements.


  • Your recruiting process and recruiter training doesn’t stop with “you should probably do…” You need a way to bring your whiteboard processes to life with the right nudge, to the right person, at the right time.

  • Sequencing is here to give operations leaders and recruiters the tools to template and automate their process down to the individual task reminder from call, to email, to text, and measure effectiveness on the front lines with a more intuitive UI for what your best next action is.

  • Available for purchase via Recruit BusinessPlus or higher annual plans, Sequencing is here! This tool allows you to create efficiencies at scale so your team can create, maintain, and maximize relationships with candidates and clients.

Client Portal

  • The Client Portal makes it easier to collaborate with clients, share candidates and gather feedback in a secure, configurable and trackable manner. The new and improved Client Portal not only has an enhanced user experience but allows for opportunity-specific access to specific portal users, a new candidate display to visualize stages and statuses, and a new Job Strategy tab to share your recruiting action plan.

  • The Client Portal is available on Business Level or higher at no additional cost. You can upgrade to an even higher level to customize your Client Portal to match your brand, recruitment process, and unlock additional limits.

Resume Reparse

  • Crelate’s trusted Resume Parser now has a companion to extend functionality for how you upload resumes and help even more with your data consistency. After uploading a new resume, you have the option to “Re-parse & Update” with the flexibility to merge and parse over new fields found on the resume than you were able to before.

Contact Data Enrichment (CDE) Updates

  • Contact Data Enrichment is a feature designed to help you find those missing or out-of-date details which are important when engaging with your candidates and clients. Improvements include additional field types in the enrichment process, field validation for invalid email/phone/website fields, and Enrichment Artifacts uploaded directly to the contact record documents.

  • Available for purchase to Recruit Business or higher annual plans, Contact Data Enrichment is here! This tool allows you to update contact records through Crelate web and through the Crelate Chrome Extension. Crelate will do the heavy lifting for you to provide missing or current contact data such as phone numbers and email.


Daily Job Postings

  • Effortlessly post and manage sponsored jobs in real-time within Crelate through the job posting API and return quality candidates within the first day.

  • When a job is sponsored, ZipRecruiter invites qualified candidates to apply, then delivers those candidates seamlessly to Crelate via our ZipRecruiter apply integration. You can sponsor your jobs for $16 per day per job, allowing the flexibility to drive applicant volume without signing up for a month-long commitment.

Hiring Signals

  • An update with ZipRecruiter has been released regarding the information you can share with them. With Hiring Signals, users can Opt-In or Out to report hiring related events to ZipRecruiter, this will help ZipRecruiter know the application statuses of candidates and in return, trigger invites to more qualified candidates.

**Note: This new setting does not affect customers' day-to-day processes and is happening on the backend.

ZoomInfo TalentOS

  • Introducing our integration with ZoomInfo! Comparable to our Contact Data Enrichment feature, ZoomInfo is a cloud-based B2B platform for sales, marketing, and recruiting teams. The integration will initially only work for TalentOS users. To get set up via ZoomInfo, follow this link.

User Feedback Updates

  • We’re calling this the: You asked, we delivered series. By leveraging our Feedback Board we have executed over three dozen feature requests including all of our previous top 3 most requested items. We love receiving customer feedback that allows us to continue to evolve our product and ask that all customers continue to leverage and upvote requests to help direct the focus of our product team.

What's Next?

Attend our release webinar to learn even more about our upcoming feature releases.

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