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Publishing to ZipRecruiter

How to publish jobs to ZipRecruiter

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When publishing to ZipRecruiter, you'll want to ensure via Settings | Basic Setup that this setting is set to Yes. If you are using our New Portal, you will want to navigate to Settings | Integrations.

This will ensure you are opted into ZipRecruiter's job feed.

You will also have the option for Hiring Signals. With Hiring Signals, users can Opt-In or Out to report hiring-related events to ZipRecruiter. This will help ZipRecruiter know the application statuses of candidates and in return, trigger invites to more qualified candidates.

From there, you'll want to contact your ZipRecruiter representative to notify them that you have successfully opted into Crelate's XML feed. It is often likely, that your ZipRecruiter representative may have you add a unique identifier to your job posts so that they are aware of which you'd like to sponsor.

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