Hiring is hard. It’s of course made even more difficult without client cooperation. We have heard the horror stories that I’m sure many of you have experienced. You submit 10 candidates in a week only for the client to follow up 3 weeks later ready to speak with them. As you well know, 7 of those candidates have likely accepted other offers, 2 are nearing an offer and the only remaining is turned off by the lack of engagement.

How did we get here? Clients are busy and often lack a true organized way to review and provide feedback on the candidates you’re sending over. What ends up happening is the 8th candidate submittal email you send ends up as the 315th unread email in your client’s inbox. It gets lost in a busy day and all but forgotten until the next time the two of you connect. But of course, within that time frame, you’re missing out on awesome talent that may be a great fit for the role. How do you stay on top of clients, up to date on who they’ve reviewed and who they haven’t, all while doing so in an easily digestible experience? Enter Crelate’s Client Portal.

With Crelate’s Client Portal experience, you can create a login free experience (yes, no more forgotten passwords leading to unreviewed candidates) for your clients to review your submitted talent. Create a fully branded and customized experience per client in addition to an executive summary, dashboard, and client feedback center. Clients can be automatically alerted each time a new candidate is added to the portal and similarly, your team can be notified as soon as a client provides feedback or leaves a candidate rating.

All of this allows you to immediately engage with your clients and streamline your time to hire. While we can’t cure all forms of client transgressions, the Client Portal can help to build out your engagement strategy with your clients. Heck, as some of you know who have run searches for us in the past, we’ve been able to leverage the Client Portal ourselves to help streamline time to hire and bring in great talent fast.

To learn even more about getting started with Crelate's Client Portal, visit our Help Center.

Happy Hiring!

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