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How to integrate and use Work Authorization

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Work authorization is a direct integration with E-Verify. Use this integration to seamlessly check work eligibility inside Crelate without ever having to leave. In most instances, users will be able to submit and confirm work eligibility in a few simple steps, saving onboarding managers time, and manual entry work.

**In order to integrate and use Work Authorization, you must be a Crelate Admin**

Integrating with E-Verify:

To integrate with E-Verify, navigate to Menu | Manage your Profile & Preferences, then select Integrations | Link your E-Verify Account.

Lastly, add your E-Verify credentials.

Note: Please ensure you are using your Web Service credentials when linking your E-Verify account.

Using Work Authorization:

To use Work Authorization, navigate to the candidate record in question and select This Contact | E-Verify Case.

Next, enter the Social Security Number and Company, then select Continue.

On the next pages, fill in the additional details and select Continue. Please note that anything with a * is a required field.

After selecting Continue on the final page, you will be prompted to confirm the creation of the E-Verify case, which will consume 1 Credit.

Lastly, review the details to ensure they are correct, then select Submit.

After Submitting, you will be brought to the final page to view your results!

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