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Crelate Onboarding - Master Guide
Crelate Onboarding - Master Guide

Onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into an organization...

Written by Sarah Koss
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Onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into an organization. At a minimum, onboarding must include the tasks to ensure the employee is legally authorized to work, is set up to be paid, and is enrolled in benefits. Many organizations, however, conduct more thorough onboarding beyond these essentials, including company orientation, IT access and equipment provisioning, facility access and tours, a written onboarding plan to guide the employee in the first weeks or months, and so on. In addition, many organizations also conduct a pre-boarding process, which may include credential verification and other qualification steps necessary before a hire can be made such as a background check or a drug screen.

In Crelate Hire, you use Onboarding Items to track any action needed to complete your onboarding (or pre-boarding) requirements for a candidate. Each item can have its own owner and due date and can be required or not. Onboarding Items can be defined and grouped within Onboarding Templates so that you can reuse pre-defined items easily and make your onboarding experience more consistent. You start an Onboarding Checklist for a given candidate from a template. In addition, for each candidate you can add additional, ad hoc items to their checklist if desired for maximum flexibility.

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