July 2022 Product Release Notes

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**Please Note** our July release is currently planned for a July 15th, 2022 deployment.

Our 2nd major release of 2022 executes on our CEO, Aaron Elder’s earlier Roadmap and Funding Announcement and our March Release by iterating on key and highly requested customer feedback. In July, we are releasing features to help you:

  • Create hiring & selling playbooks via Sequencing (Early Adopter)

  • Improve timekeeping accuracy and client satisfaction via Geofencing

  • Secure sensitive & private emails via Email Journaling Updates

  • Continue risk mitigation via expanded Two Factor Authentication

  • Automate the candidate onboarding process via E-Verify

This is all of course in addition to the continuation of our You Asked, We Delivered series, which has seen us release over two dozen features requested directly by you this year. We look forward to optimizing your Crelate experience allowing you to move faster and make even more placements.

Sequencing (Early Adopter)

  • Your recruiting process and recruiter training doesn’t stop with “you should probably do…” You need a way to bring your whiteboard processes to life with the right nudge, to the right person, at the right time.

  • Sequencing is a foundational feature for the next generation of Crelate Recruit, and works like a recruiter augmentation toolset. Giving operations leaders and recruiters the tools to template their process down to the individual task reminder from call, to email, to text, and measure effectiveness on the front-lines.

Email Journaling Updates

  • Set exclusion rules to avoid journaled messages for individual contacts and set user-based permissions for who can and cannot review journaled emails.

Two Factor Authentication Updates

  • 2FA now comes standard across all subscriptions and you may now leverage Authenticator apps (I.e., Google, Microsoft, Authy, and others) when signing in.

User Feedback Updates

  • We’re calling this the: You asked, we delivered series. By leveraging our Feedback Board we have executed over two dozen feature requests including all of our previous top 3 most requested items. We love receiving customer feedback that allows us to continue to evolve our product and ask that all customers continue to leverage and upvote requests to help direct the focus of our product team.

Mobile Geofencing (Early Adopter)

  • Timesheet fraud is one of the single biggest expenses in most staffing firms. Your fulfillment team and managers deserve the advantage of time entry that can’t be gamed.

  • With Geofencing, your fulfillment team can set precise location parameters that align with your client’s physical site.

  • Require contractors to be physically on-site to clock in and out from the Crelate Connector mobile app, and drive immediate time entry that streamlines your pay & bill.


  • Eliminate recruiter task switching and disorganized, cumbersome document storage with Crelate’s native E-Verify integration

  • Stop the busywork of checking for status reports, with E-Verify updates that directly update contact records in Crelate

What's Next?

Attend our release webinar to learn even more about our upcoming feature releases.

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