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July 2022 - Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Upgrade Guide
July 2022 - Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Upgrade Guide

Learn more about all upcoming improvements and additions to 2FA as part of our July release

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Welcome to the Crelate Administrator Release Upgrade Guide for July 2022. This guide provides an overview of changes that may impact your users or require you to take action. This release adds several new features and improvements that Crelate Administrators may want to pay particular attention to. None of these changes require action unless you want to take advantage of the improvements.

NEW – This is a new feature or functionality. It may need to be enabled and configured.

IMPROVED – This is a change to an existing feature.

CHANGED – This is an existing feature or behavior that has changed, and users need to be aware.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) – Authenticator App Supported Added –New


Added ability to use authenticator app for 2FA



Applies To

All customers that require 2FA login to Crelate

Action Required

None – Unless you want to enable the new 2FA approach.



Previously, our Crelate Administrators had the ability to utilize only email and/or phone for two factor authentication as an extra layer of security for logging in to Crelate. We have added the ability to use Authenticator apps (I.e., Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, and others) for two factor authentication.

After our July release, all users will now see a 3rd option to activate via an Authenticator app. We encourage all Crelate customers to enable and require 2FA authentication in their organizations as a best practice.

What's Next?

Looking for more regarding our upcoming July Release? Review our full Email Journaling Upgrade Guide below.

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