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Timekeeping - Multiple Time Entry Formats
Timekeeping - Multiple Time Entry Formats

Setup and Best practices for multiple time entry formats.

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Multiple Time Formats enable customers to leverage both Punch In/Out & Straight Time dependent upon the position. Should you firm support both contract staffing and temp, you may select a more traditional straight time for contractors while temp employees may punch in/out.

Time Card Settings

Crelate Admin users now have the ability to control and specify what Time Entry Formats should be available when creating new opportunities. You can manipulate this in settings by navigating to Time Keeping | Time Card Settings:

At least one Time Entry Format must be selected. It is important to note that when you remove a Time Entry Format from this setting, users will not be able to create opportunities with this format or set it as a default. However, any existing opportunity with this Time Entry Format will not be affected.

Setting Time Entry Format when Creating Opportunities

When creating a new opportunity, you will have need to set the Time Entry Format within the form. **Please Note** Time Entry Format cannot be updated after the opportunity has been saved. When placements are made on the opportunity, the time entry format will automatically carry over.

Setting a Default Time Entry Format on the Opportunity Type

If you would like to set a default Time Entry Format for specific types of opportunities, you will have the option to do so in Admin settings by navigating to Core Records | Jobs & Opportunities. This will allow you to create opportunities without having to make a Time Entry Format selection, every time.

What's next?

If you need some assistance with getting started or set up of time keeping and the deliver module, take a peek at the below resources!

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