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We've added the ability to send a form request via our "Connector" Mobile App!

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A Form Request is an Activity Form that can be sent to a contact. When the contact receives the request, they will be prompted to respond with detailed answers to your custom questions. Activity Forms allow Crelate users to record detailed questions and answers. Through Form Requests, you can now send these customized activity forms out to your candidates so that they may fill out the responses externally and submit them to you. Additionally, you can send a Form Request for document upload as well.

Sending a Form Request in the Connector App

First, go to the contact record you wish to send your form request to and select the "Actions" tab in the top right of your screen.

From here, you will have the option to select "Send Form Request" and choose from any saved templates or document types you wish to request.

Viewing a Form Request in the Connector App

Once the form request has been sent, you can view it by navigating back over to the "Activity" tab. From the activity stream, you can review the status and a few high level details.

If you wish to see additional detail pertaining to this Form request, you can click into the activity card presented in the activity stream.

What's Next?

Need help creating the activity form you need to send as a form request? Take a look below!

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