March 2022 API Updates
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Our March 2022 release continues to expand the functionality within our API. By expanding the power of our API, we have enabled you to do even more both natively and through our Integration Partners. We have expanded workflow status filters, added new GET endpoints for record statuses, and enabled customers to upload a profile picture via our API.

Retrieve Record Status by Entity

We added three new GET endpoints, one for each entity that is currently exposed via the Public API:

  • Contacts: /api/pub/v1/contacts/statuses

  • Companies: /api/pub/v1/companies/statuses

  • Applications: /api/pub/v1/applications/statuses

Each endpoint exposes the following attributes of available Record Statuses:

  • Name

  • Value

  • Meaning name (e.g. “Closed, Positive” or “Active”)

  • Color (as hex RGB, e.g., #ffffff)

  • Style option (apply color or don’t)

  • Visibility option (hidden or shown)

  • Allow contact option (yes, limited, or none)

We also added a new “Overview” section to public API documentation providing context for Record Status, breaking down the attributes and what each option value means.

Profile Picture Through API

For customers using the Crelate API, there is now an endpoint available to upload a profile picture with the assumptions that:

  1. Contact or company already exists

  2. Photo does not already exist

  3. This endpoint will create the attachment, and mark it as the profile picture for the existing contact/company

  4. Cannot add multiple profile pictures in each API call

  5. Only one attachment allowed in each API call

  6. Cannot update an existing attachment to be a profile picture

Filter API Responses by Job Workflow Statuses

Customers can now filter by only one type of workflow status from the “GetWorkflowStatuses” API endpoint.

What's Next?

Looking for more on Crelate's March Release? Look no further than our detailed Product Notes.

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