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March 2022 - Product Release Notes
March 2022 - Product Release Notes

Review our full March 2022 Product Release Notes

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**Please Note** our March release is currently planned for a March 28th, 2022 deployment.

Our first major release of 2022 executes on our CEO, Aaron Elder’s earlier Roadmap and Funding Announcement by iterating on key and highly requested customer feedback. On March 28th we are releasing features to help you source and enrich at scale via Contact Data Enrichment, streamline your onboarding and timekeeping workflows via Omni vNext, expanded partnership opportunities via API Updates, and executed over a dozen of our most requested feature adds via our Feedback Board. We look forward to optimizing your Crelate experience allowing you to move faster and make even more placements.

Contact Data Enrichment | Bulk Enrichment

  • Significant investment has been made to our Contact Data Enrichment (CDE) feature to unlock the power of sourcing at scale for your business. We welcome bulk enrichment to the Crelate arsenal allowing for rapid sourcing of up to 50 contacts at once.

Contact Data Enrichment | Expanded Dataset Results

  • We made an improvement to the existing Contact Data Enrichment (CDE) feature. Previously, the matches that the CDE feature can match against was only on the primary email, phone number and/or social media profile link. Allowing multiple will return more accurate results and more personal contact information for enrichment data on a contact record.

Connector | Mobile Form Requests

  • We’re constantly updating our Crelate Connector mobile app, and we’re excited to announce we’ve added the ability to send and view form requests on mobile. This added functionality will unlock on-the-go efficiencies for users wanting to send and view form requests on the go. Check it out in Connector!

API Updates

  • By expanding the power of our API, we have enabled you to do even more both natively and through our Integration Partners. We have expanded workflow status filters, added new GET endpoints for record statuses, and enabled customers to upload a profile picture via our API.

User Feedback Updates

  • We’re calling this the: You asked, we delivered series. By leveraging our Feedback Board we have executed over a dozen feature requests including half of our most requested items. We love receiving customer feedback that allows us to continue to evolve our product and ask that all customers continue to leverage and upvote requests to help direct the focus of our product team.

Timekeeping | Multiple Time Entry Formats

  • We’ve heard from customers that some of their clients require Straight Time, while others require Punch In/Punch Out. We’re excited to announce that Deliver users can now utilize both time entry formats in timekeeping. We’ve also added features to make setting up and managing time entry formats a breeze, including the ability for admins to specify which time entry formats can be used on opportunities and the ability to set default time entry formats for temp-to-hire opportunity types. This enables you to use Crelate Timekeeping to provide a tailored timekeeping experience for your clients.

Timekeeping | Daily Notes

  • Say hello to Daily Notes! Timekeeping admins can now set up Time Types to allow recorders to submit notes for specific dates in the pay period. Each Time Type now has options to configure whether daily notes and/or the existing general time card note are required, optional, or disabled. This will allow time recorders to provide relevant information on specific dates when submitting time like sick time.

Export Translator

  • Looking for an easier way to get your data into QuickBooks? Look no further! We have added the ability to export your billable items in a preformatted csv document designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks import. Using Crelate’s existing export functionality, you’ll find that we’ve added a new QuickBooks Export option. You can easily filter the data that you want to export and select QuickBooks format to download the information you need, ready to import into QuickBooks.

What's Next?

Attend our release webinar to learn even more about our upcoming feature releases.

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