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January 2022 Engineering Release Notes

Learn more about the improvements we made in our recent Engineering Release.

Written by Sarah Koss
Updated over a week ago

To improve and optimize the stability, performance, and security of Crelate, our engineering team performs Engineering Releases on a periodic basis. These releases are intended to have no impact on functionality or the user interface of the application.

This engineering release includes:

  • A move to the latest version of .NET Core 6 for our Async and other back end services. Microsoft .NET Core is a major upgrade from Microsoft’s previous .NET Framework and offers vastly improved performance.

  • An upgrade of several major client and server side coding libraries. This should improve performance, stability and security across the board for this components.

  • Improvements to our internal Module System, which will allow for faster and safer feature development, as well as more Early Adopter / BETA launches.

  • We’ve also added improved logging and support tools to help our Customer Success team better serve customers.

The release also resolves a few reported customer issues:

  • FIXED #62431 - Required Activity form fields were not always required

  • FIXED #63238 - Job Portal V2 External Link (No Description) could still show the description

  • FIXED #63309 - Manually adding Work History would default to the wrong year.

With this release, due to the upgrade of several third party user interface libraries, users may notice minor tweaks to a few controls. The Color Picker is an example:

What's Next?

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