Invoice Reporting
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Crelate provides an Invoicing reporting dashboard to allow customers to report by Invoice by Status, Unpaid Balance by status, and total unpaid balances by company. Users can also see balances in regards to draft invoices (revenue not yet billed) unpaid balances and $ collect in full. Each of these reports are customizable and editable based on specific user needs.

To begin, navigate to Reports, add a new report and then select Add Charts to This Page. From here, you'll see our default report builder. Select the Invoicing section to begin!

Leverage Invoicing Reports to build and track the statuses of your invoices. Easily review if you have a long queue of draft invoices that are ready to be sent, or how many invoices are still left outstanding. Directly compare the total outstanding balance is to help forecast when your firm will be paid.

What's Next?

Looking for more Deliver reporting? Or, looking for general best practices for reports and instructions on how to create time to fill, placement, ratio and more? We have you covered!

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