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Contact Data Enrichment FAQs
Contact Data Enrichment FAQs

FAQs for frequently asked questions regarding Contact Data Enrichment

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  1. Can I use Contact Data Enrichment to update Company Details?

  2. How frequent is the enriched data being updated?

  3. Can you guarantee the accuracy of all information?

  4. What happens if there is not a direct match for a contact I am attempting to enrich?

  5. Will Credits roll over each month?


  1. No. During the Early Adopter only contact records can be updated. However, you may notice within the Enrich Activity (after enriching a contact) that company details such as size, year founded, industry, etc may populate. These will not automatically transpose to the Company record but will display within the activity.

  2. Quarterly. All data including but not limited to contact, social, and demographic information is refreshed quarterly to ensure users are receiving the most up to date data.

  3. No. However, as the information is updated quarterly, we believe this allows for the best and most accurate data possible.

  4. Crelate, and the 3rd party vendor we use for enriched content, cannot guarantee a match for every contact record. As a precaution for our customers, we require a minimum probability of a match before a credit is consumed. If you encounter this frequently, please contact our support team.

  5. Credits will not rollover. They are on a use or lose basis each month.

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