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Common recruiting practices include cultivating the right mix of questions to gain deeper insights into a candidate’s background, to verify culture fit, and to better understand where they are in their career. Recruiters typically have a set of interview questions to select from that they would assign each interviewer, ensuring that the interviewer(s) focus on specific or categories or criteria. Crelate offers a solution to help store all these questions that can easily be added to interviews via our Interview Form Questions.

Question Categories are most useful for scorecard rating calculation. Questions under the same category can receive a group rating. For instance, I may have questions about a candidate's culture fit all under a Culture Fit Category. This will allow me to collectively log a scorecard for that entire category. This allows interviewers to organize interview questions and assign to interviewers efficiently based on the interviewer’s focus area.

**Please note that in order to set up Interview Form Questions, you need to also have Crelate Hire included with your subscription**

To create a list of questions that can be used on Scorecards, navigate to Settings | Picklists | Question Categories

  1. Add a new category that can later be added to a scorecard. This allows interviewer to input their feedback and/or "score" relating to the Question Category a question is tagged with.

  2. Settings > Hire – Form Questions Add new interview questions by clicking “+”. From here, enter your interview question, then select a “Question Type” that best describes the type of answer you expect from interviewers in their feedback. In the Category field, use the lookup to select one of the Question Categories you created in the last step that you want this question associated with. If you require a rating for this question, it will contribute to the average score for this category.

  3. You can also edit/delete form questions by double-clicking on an existing question from the list.

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