Interview Loops & Templates

All you need to know about setting up interview loops and templates.

Written by Sarah Koss
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Simplify interviews setup when you’re ready to move a candidate to an interview loop! You can assign one or more interviewers to each individual interview session within the loop. There are several ways to create a single-use interview loop from scratch.

**Please note that you must have Crelate Hire to utilize this feature**

  1. From a job record:

    1. On the left navigation menu, select Jobs, then click into the job you want to set up an interview loop template for. Go to the Hire tab. You'll see that there is an option to "Select a template". You must create templates before you can select them--we'll discuss setting up templates across all jobs in the Templates section.

    2. Select Create a new template. Use this to create an interview loop that you will use for all candidates interviewing for this specific job. In order to assign scorecards (use existing interview questions created in your Forms Questions section), leverage notes for all attendees or to interviewers only, and see average scoring from interview feedback, be sure to use your "Schedule Interview" activity for the Action field. Once you save this interview loop template, it will get added to your general Interview Loops Template list (Settings > Hire: Interview Loops) you can later reuse for other jobs.

  2. From a contact record:

    1. Select a Contact. Then click on Hire tab > Interviewing.

    2. From here, click on "Start a new Interview Loop". Note that only jobs that this candidate is being considered for will show up in the list of interview loops they are eligible for. Select the job that you want this candidate to start an interview loop for. You should see a preset template that is associated with this job show up in the dialog box. You have the option add interviewer(s), select a scorecard to assign the interviewer(s), add notes that goes to all attendees (i.e. conference call details), add notes for interviewers only (i.e. internal notes excluding the interviewee), and attach any relevant documents (i.e. resume) at this point, but you can also do it later.

  3. Schedule interviews within an interview loop:

    1. You can schedule interviews directly from the job record or the contact record. Either will have the same experience for setup.

    2. In this case, from a job record, click on a candidate. You'll see how far into an interview loop they are from the progress bar. Click on "Schedule...".

    3. You'll see a dialog box to schedule the interview. Schedule the date/time for this interview, add interviewer(s) if you did not in the last step, add notes for all attendees and/or notes for interviewers only. You can also change the scorecard if you need to from the Scorecard tab. This can happen if you have to move interviewers around to evaluate different criteria for a candidate.

  4. Setting Up Interview Loop Templates

    1. Users can create reusable templates for interview loops tailored to similar jobs, which can be configured to have a sequence of interview sessions that meet your needs.

    2. To set up interview loop templates you can reuse over and over across different jobs, go to Settings > Hire: Interview Loops

    3. From here, you can create new, edit existing, or delete existing templates.

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