What is the Compliance Center?
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The Compliance Center is where you can keep track of Artifacts, documents, and work through your verification processes. You can access the Compliance Center from the left navigation bar, or from All Areas. This is a grid view where you can apply quick filters, add additional columns, use Find to narrow down your view, and you can quickly see individual Artifacts.

Note: Access to the Compliance Center is a configurable User Role Privilege.

The quick filters across the top left make it easy to locate specific Artifacts or Documents.

  • Expires Soon: This will display all Artifacts that are within 30 days or less of expiration.

  • Pending…: This will display all Artifacts which are waiting for verification.

  • Verified: This will display all Artifacts which have been verified.

  • eSignature: This will display all eSignatures.

The quick filters across the top right make it easy to view results by Document Category.

Note: Document Categories are configurable by Admin users in Settings.

Clicking on Find in the top navigation bar will open the Find Panel. From the Find panel, you can enter in specific information you would like to narrow your results to by adding or removing columns, and entering in details. If you would like to save your Find options to use later or share with others, click Save.

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