**Please Note** This feature is in a Closed BETA. We are planning to release this to all customers on Business or higher subscriptions at the conclusion of the BETA period. As we have a confirmed timeline, we will let all customers know.

Crelate's Naming Rules feature is designed to allow customers to set different Variations of a single company name. Take for example, a fictitious company, Crelate & Sons. You may see this company listed on resumes as Crelate, Crelate and Sons, etc. Now, you will have the ability to ensure all variations are imported under a single name when importing via the Chrome Extension, Resume Parse or Excel import. **Please Note** Naming Rules will not apply retroactively for data already in your system.

To enable, navigate to Settings | Naming Rules.

To start, use the Plus sign to create your preferred company name.

Naming Rules

If using Naming Rules, Crelate typically recommends enabling for each import area. This will ensure, no matter how you are importing data, the Naming Rules you've set are followed.

What's Next?

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