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Managing Duplicates
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The Manage Duplicates section can be accessed by navigating to Settings | Manage Duplicates. Ultimately, what is managed duplicates? This section will collect candidates that have been flagged or matched as a duplicate after importing. This will not retroactively sort through your database for potential duplicates but will work going forward for new potential duplicates added.

Within that section, you'll be able to view those contacts that were flagged as a duplicate. You'll have several options within that section:

1. Merge into: this will allow you to merge that contact with an existing record in your Crelate database

2. Allow duplicate: This will allow that contact as a separate and new record

3. Selected Contacts: this will give you the option to remove that from your manage duplicates section.

What's Next?

Want to re-configure your duplicate detection rules? Check out how below!

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