In Crelate, you'll have the ability to connect your Dice account and then choose which jobs you'd like to sponsor given your available job slots.

To start, navigate to Settings | Integrations and Connect (or Change) Account

**Please Note** Dice requires the use of a Vendor ID to connect. You must contact your Dice account representative to receive this vendor ID.

Once your account is connected, navigate to a job record and select the Publish icon in the top right.

This will prompt a Publish Job window to open in Crelate. There are 4 required fields to publish a position: Title, Employer Name, Location and Description. **Please Note** you cannot publish a position without these 4 fields filled in.

After hitting Next in this window, you may also enter:

  • Industry: Used by some job boards to categorize job orders

  • Tags: Portal Tags allow you to categorize jobs on your portal page

  • Remote Type: Used by Indeed to determine how jobs show up in remote searches

  • Portal Visibility: To determine how this is shown on your portal

  • EEOC Job Classification: For reporting and EEOC Management

  • Portal URL : Setting a URL Slug can help boost the visibility of your posted listing with search engines.

Once all details are added, simply select Publish.

This will officially publish the job to your job portal page. From here, to sponsor this particular position to Monster, select Post Now as indicated below and choose your Monster account.

You'll then notice the Monster logo displayed when navigating to the Publish icon.

What's Next?

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