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How to quickly view all Placements you've made

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Crelate offers the ability to easily view a dashboard of all contact you have placed via our Placement area.

To access, navigate to All Areas and select Placements. If you plan to navigate to this section frequently, we would recommend selecting the cogwheel and adding Placements to your Pinned items so that it displays directly on your left navigation menu.

Once in your Placements area, you'll see an overview of all placements made along with the ability to query, customize, export and filter.

The Starting Soon, Ends Soon, and Owned by Me filters give the ability to narrow your view by placements with a Start Date/End Date within the next 7 days or just those that you are the owner of.

You'll also have a series of Placement Statuses (More on What is a Placement Status?) that you may use as filters. Use this in combination with the Date filters to learn who is out on assignment that has a contract soon to expire.

Additionally, select Find to query for specific information and save unique views or customize the displayed columns by selecting the cogwheel.

After selecting Find you may Add additional fields to this filter and save your query to easily access at any time via the drop down menu.

What's Next?

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