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Creating a Placement Form

How to create a Placement form in Crelate

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You can configure what appears on forms when making a Placement, or recording a Loss. You can also create custom Placement Forms to attach to specific Opportunities in Crelate.

To find Placement and Loss forms, navigate to Settings | Core Records. The core records will display below, and you will see options for Placements and Losses.

Managing Placement Forms:

If you select Placements, you will see that there are 3 pre-defined options: Basic, Fee Based, and Hourly. Each of these has default fields to fill out when making a Placement of this type, and each of them can be set as the default form to use when making a placement on an Opportunity Type in Crelate.

You also can customize these forms as a Crelate Business subscriber and add new forms to use with your opportunities. To customize an existing form, double-click on the form to display the layout and fields. You can edit the layout of the form, including adding dividers and blank space as well as create new fields

Additionally, once custom fields are created, you may then include those fields on your form. Simply drag in fields you'd like to display and remove those to the Available Fields list that you do not need.

After you have set the fields and layout that you like, click Save Changes to save the form.

Creating a New Placement Form

To add a new Custom Placement form to use on your opportunities, click the green + icon in the upper-right corner of your placement forms. You can Name and customize the Placement form and Save your changes.

Add a form name and customize additional fields you'd like included.

Now that your Placement form has been created, consider adding it as the default Placement Form used on any of your opportunity types.

Pro Tip: Do you hire for temp, perm and everything under the sun? Consider having Multiple Opportunity Types to reflect this and couple your placement forms with these opportunity types. This will best allow you to track and report on your placements!

What's next?

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