Deleting an Activity Type
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Users may wish to remove Activity Types that are no longer relevant to their Crelate organization.

To delete an Activity Type, navigate to Settings and then click the Activities tile. The Activities slider will appear on the right side of the screen. Highlight the desired Activity type and then click the red minus sign (Delete the selected Activity type).

Clicking Delete the selected Activity type will cause the Activity to no longer appear on the list. Click the green Save button and then refresh the browser. The system will remove the Activity Type from your Crelate organization and will no longer be available.

When attempting to delete an activity, you may receive a notice that informs the activity is in use and cannot be deleted. This happens because deleting the activity would remove all prior history of where that activity has been recorded. To prevent data loss, Crelate requires you to eliminate history of the activity before it can be deleted. Please see below for next steps and guidance.

Option 1: If you do not want to delete activity history, you can simply uncheck all boxes for 'available on' This will remove the activity icon from view and will not allow for continued use. In other words, the activity and its history will still remain but it cannot be used or found in the activity bar on the record.

Option 2: If you do want to permanently delete the activity and all of its history, you will need to run a search. Using the filter for 'past activity' you will be able to determine all records where this activity has been recorded. If the number of returned results is manageable, we recommend opening each record, filtering the activity stream by the activity, and then deleting.

Option 3: If the number of returned search results is too great to tackle on your own, we can always engage our professional services team to task them with the project. If you do wish to use this paid service, contact our support team and we would be happy to connect you to the team!

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