What is an Activity?

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The great philosophers have often asked, what is an activity? While that may not actually be true, the concept of activities is not typically one that is completely foreign to many customers. Activities in Crelate typically represent specific 'action items' that occur both in your sales and hiring process. That phone call you made, that's an activity. How about that interview you just completed? Yep, that too.

An activity serves two primary purposes in Crelate:

1. Note taking and contextual reference:

  • When you're on that phone call or interview, it's likely very important to provide a detailed analysis of how that's going. Did you leave a message? Did you connect and speak with them for 30 minutes? All of this is very valuable information to know as it will allow yourself and your colleagues to have great information to return to should you engage with that individual again.

  • Through activities, you may easily narrow down by just that specific activity (see below: Email, LI Inmail, Screen, Interview) and also target and categorize specific questions that may be valuable. While we may be getting ahead of ourselves here, the Activity Forms you may use are incredibly valuable to affiliate with your different activities.

2. Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

  • Activities will be the primary drivers behind what you report on. When creating activities, you'll ultimately want to consider, what do I want to measure? Once you come to that determination, you'll want to ensure all of those thoughts find their way back to activities. Activities will provide a time, date, and ownership stamp. That way, when looking back to review who on your team, during a specific time period, had the most interviews, you can run an Activity Report to target some of your key KPI's.

What's Next?

With the basics of what an activity is, let's cover some best practices and how to begin creating!

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