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At Crelate, we've worked hard to keep a consistent and modern layout to our platform. We wanted to extend that same design and approach to our newest Crelate Connector mobile app!

Starting on October 31st we will be deprecating our legacy Crelate Talent Mobile app for all mobile devices. If you have not done so already, please Download the Crelate Connector to begin using our newest mobile application.

The Crelate Connector unlocks tons of new functionality that didn't previously exist in our mobile experience. Creating records? Check. Sending text messages? Check. A full daily planner view? Check.

We're thrilled to unlock new visuals and performance to a mobile app that's as flexible as you are. To learn more on how to get started once you've downloaded the app, please take a moment to review our Crelate Connector Overview.

Of note, for any tablet users, there is NO action required. This pertains only to mobile devices.

What's Next?

Want to get started using the Connector? Take a look at how to download and begin using the app below.

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