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The Crelate Connector app can be added by navigating to the App or Google Play store and typing in Crelate or Crelate Connector. This article will discuss downloading the app, managing records, sending text messages and reviewing your Tasks & Events.

Downloading the App and Logging In

To start, after navigating to the store, search for the Crelate Connector and Download the Crelate Connector.

Once the app has been added, you'll be prompted to sign in. After entering your Crelate credentials, you'll be brought to your home screen. This will provide a landing page to quickly navigate to all your contacts, companies, opportunities, SMS messages, and tasks & events. For more, check out our Home Page Overview.

Managing Contact, Companies or Opportunities

Navigating to your contacts, companies or opportunities section will display a list of all records as well as allow you to select from your custom lists and views.

Selecting into a specific record will provide a full overview of that profile. There are 9 main components to a contact record.

1. Edit - This allows you to edit or add contact details such as name, phone number email address, etc

2. Resume - This will open a browser with the contact's resume

3. Activity - This will display both scheduled and completed activity below

4. Details - This will display the contact details for review such as name, phone number email address, etc

5. Actions - This will allow you to easily send an email, text or call this contact

6. Job Pipeline - This will display which positions you have the contact in an active pipeline. Selecting the 3 dot menu will allow you to view which workflow stage they are currently in.

7. Scheduled Activity - Any upcoming tasks & events

8. Activity Feed - This will display completed activities

9. New Activity - This will allow you to log a new activity on the contact record


Navigating to the search icon at the bottom of your app will allow you to query for specific contact, company and opportunity names.

Simply by typing in the search bar above, you'll be able to view those results.

Text Messaging

Navigating to the Text Message section (for those users with active text message licenses) you'll be able to view all recent text communication.

Selecting a specific contact will allow you to view and send additional text messages.

Tasks & Events

The Tasks & Events section will allow you to view a calendar history of all upcoming appointments so that they may be completed, updated, or rescheduled.

What's Next?

Looking for more mobile? Check out our home page guide below!

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